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11 Powerful Questions ALL Business Owners Should Ask Themselves About Their Business

Question check list every business owner should ask themselves

Knowing where your business has been, where it is now, and where is going is essential for making it grow. Ask yourself or your team these questions and see the amazing results you get to inspire you for more!

1. What needs to be on your not to do list next year?

2. What are you dissatisfied with at this point in your business?

3. What do you need most from your staff this year?

4. How do you want your business to change by this time next year?

5. Who do you want to work with? This could be new clients, other businesses, or a new hire...

6. How do you feel about the year ahead right now? Is that how you want to feel about it next year?

7. Name three goals that are your most important for next year

8. If you could give your staff one new perk next year. What would it be?

9. What do you do that requires only 10% of you, and what do you do that engages 90% of you?

10. What's the one thing you could do every day next year that would make you a better business owner?

11. What is something you have to do because if you don't, your business will start to fail?

If this feels overwhelming, you may be doing too much. One of the easiest and best ways to take some of the weight off your shoulders is to get help. As a copywriter, it is my goal to make sure your business stands out with authentic, customer-driven copy. Curious to know more? Reach out for a complimentary chat.

Inspired by Josh Herder

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